Viola Martinez

What I hate most: when people say “poor little thing”.
Unconditional love for: the smell of sautée on a Sunday, it reminds me of my grandmother and family lunches.
In my next life I want to be: Michelle Obama.
If you want to make me angry: complain without doing anything to change the situation.
If you want to make me laugh: show me Epic Fails videos. And if it has children falling over I’ll laugh even more.
What drives my colleagues crazy: they call me “Little Miss Perfect”.
What you’ll always find on my desk: a black 0.5 Muji pen, my notebook and Sellotape.
What you’ll always find on my desktop: my “Miscellaneous inspirations” folder.
What my parents say when you ask them what I do: “Ask Viola, she’ll make you a logo for €50.”


Elena Milazzo

Eleonora Casini

Luisa Cassoni

Anna Piccini