Elena Milazzo

Founder e Creative Director

What I hate most: cars parked on the cycle path, people who think they know everything, footballers’ haircuts, footballers, football, getting on a plane without tranquillisers, clichés like Find concrete answers to the needs of Italians, Tom Cruise, crowded places (apart from concerts), injustice and the abuse of power.
Unconditional love for: Bruce Springsteen (it’s mutual).
In my next life I want to be: a ballerina (or Keith Richards).
If you want to make me angry: say that Because the Night is by Patti Smith.
If you want to make me laugh: say GNIGNI.
What drives my colleagues crazy: the (terrifying) hieroglyphics I use to explain my ideas. (Ed. in the blank spaces on recycling paper!).
What you’ll always find on my desk: a jar of dark chocolate cream.
What you’ll always find on my desktop: chaos, and a pawprint.
What my parents say when you ask them what I do: they invoke the right to remain silent.


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