Back in 2002, we founded Sottosopra Comunicazione, based on three key principles:
to be ourselves, even though we didn’t have the physique du rôle of text-book advertising agents;
to have a strong ethical and social inclination;
and to always follow our passion.
Years have gone by, but the substance has remained the same. 

Over time, this basis has shaped a bike-friendly communication agency that combines the ability to communicate with a sustainable lifestyle and a passion for cycling.


We want to do business in a clean, transparent, ethical, economically positive and blatantly pluralist manner. From day 1, we have always been a company that invents new ideas for better living.

Every one of them.

Without going to the moon. 

Our aim

We aim to help businesses, institutions and people to become interpreters of a more meaningful life style. And we do this using what we do best, creativity.
We develop ideas to foster, rather than force, positive changes in behaviour. Stimulating, and not boring. That satisfy everyone. 

Creativity and self-irony are our comunico-sine-qua-non for:

Helping businesses to be profitable yet respectful, becoming the main influencers of sustainable living. Sustainable growth exists, and it can be communicated in a highly original manner.

Helping institutions to accompany change, actively involving citizens with creative strategies and nudges that effectively reach people. 

Helping people to understand words like “sustainability” and “circular economy” and develop greater critical awareness in order to defend themselves from fake-green products. Consciously choosing what and how to consume is the new emancipation.

This is how our ethics sound

Come as you are/ Coherence

We are who we are, be who you are. This goes for our people, our partners, suppliers, customers, for everyone. 

Sweet dreams / Courage

Investigating new perspectives helps us to develop unique solutions that talk of respect.

Life on Mars / Driving forwards

We experiment, thinking outside the box to spread a more sustainable culture.

Come together / Biodiversity

We believe in biodiversity, of viewpoints too. Joining forces with thinkers from different backgrounds has made us great, even if we are small. 

Respect / Respect

We do our best to respect animals, people and the environment, reducing the footprint we leave on the planet. 

Chimes of freedom / Inclusiveness

 “Our bells are for warriors, whose strength lies not in fighting, for the refugees on the hostile path of flight… for the rebel, for the wretched, for the less fortunate, the abandoned and forgotten, for the excluded, constantly burnt at the stake.” 

Company policy for charity organisations

Since our establishment, we have always worked with a strong ethical and social purpose.
This approach and the active participation of the whole team can be seen in the following sales policy:

• we devote 5% of our work time to pro-bono social projects
• we support at least 2 totally non-profit projects during our working hours
• 30% to 50% discount for charity organisations

Download our policy document

Our choices

Sustainable mobility

– 81.80 % CO2 emissions by biking-to-work

In our scale of priorities, we travel 1. by bicycle 2. on foot 3. by train and public transport 4. by car sharing 5. in private cars, if no other means are possible.

Renewable energy

100% of our electricity needs are met by renewable energy. We have chosen Lifegate Energy.

Durable materials

Mismatched cups bought from the flea market, grandma’s linen, glass bottles and flasks: that’s the way we are.

Reduced consumption

We rarely use the printer. And if we really have to, it’s recycled paper every time (and who knows what’s on the back!). We buy only what we need, and generally from stores selling unpackaged goods.