Eleonora Casini

What I hate most: people who leave the lights on, and when I realize that my kids have found “my” carefully hidden fennel taralli and finished them all. It happens often;-), I’ll have to find a new hiding place…
Unconditional love for: skiing, my true love, though I also have a soft spot for turtlenecks and earrings.
In my next life I want to be: a true blonde.
If you want to make me angry: make sure there’s no milk for my morning cappuccino, and if you finish the honey too… I don’t even want to think about it.
If you want to make me laugh: I’m always available!
What drives my colleagues crazy: I don’t want to know.
What you’ll always find on my desk: a piping hot herbal tea, my specs (one or even two pairs) and my weekly agenda (fundamental).
What you’ll always find on my desktop: Photos of snow-capped mountains and a load of document folders.
What my parents say when you ask them what I do: my mum: “Oh la la…!”, my dad: “She certainly knows how to use Excel, I call her when I’m having trouble with my PC, and she always knows what to do…”


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