19 Settembre 2005

“Un inguaribile amore” al Cork Film Festival.

Un Inguaribile Amore di Giovanni Covini è uno dei 68 finalisti al Cork Film Festival, selezionato tra 2000 candidati. Lasciamo parlare la email di rispota della giuria.

Dear Giovanni,

Thank you for your email. We would be glad if it’s possible for you to send us a Beta SP Pal of Incurable Love.

Also, I would like to say to you, that your film was really very inspirational to us. In fact, we created this section “This Is How We Live Now’ (short documentary portraits) because of your film! It’s one that we could not forget, and wanted to place in the right context.

So we’ve never had this kind of section before, but felt your film was really worthy of creating this programme for; and there were other documentaries that needed this kind of presentation too. So your film will be the first film to screen in this programme. Thank you for sending it to us.

Una Feely
Festival Programmer

Cork European Capital Of Culture 2005