The creative adult
is the child who survived

Ursula K. Le Guin

Creative madness

It is a well-known fact that the agency is a receptable of reckless creatives. By nature, Sottosopra Comunicazione is a haven for brilliant minds, spontaneous generators of creativity, without whom it makes no sense to talk of digital or media issues. Our clients choose us because they want to be sottosopra – “upside down” in English! – just like us.

Pride and agility

Sottosopra Comunicazione is a primary “pocket-sized” agency. An agency with the skills of the majors, yet agile, compact and proud. Our creatives, strategists, IT developers, directors, photographers, architects, social gurus and other exceptional staff make the ideal team for you.
So, if you’re hungry for novelty and want to experiment with alternative perspectives, you won’t be bored.

Bike friendly

Sottosopra is to all extents and purposes a bike-friendly communication agency.
In our actions, because we have always cycled to visit our clients, we use a fantastic bike courier service and reward our staff who come to work by bike – everyone.
In our services, because we have turned our passion into a mission: to help companies develop a corporate social responsibility strategy with brave, coherent and very creative ideas linked to sustainability and green mobility.


We specialise in the development of strategies that are made “to fit you and not us”: we won’t develop a campaign if you don’t need it, we won’t sell you a service that doesn’t work for you and, above all, we don’t sell ourselves as all-rounders, because that’s not who we are.
Instead, we are proud to present our trusted partners.
We help our clients to reinvent their business, in the context of a new digital reality, and we do this in our own way, without following what others do.

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